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Tree Trimming Services in Hawthorn east

Are you looking for a friendly and qualified arborist? At MD Work Tree, we proudly offer professional tree services that can preserve the health, integrity and appearance of trees for many years to come. Our team of experts are extensively trained, highly experienced and capable of working on trees of all types and sizes, including those in narrow and remote access locations. We’re also fully insured for your peace of mind. Whether you want tree trimming in Hawthorn east to improve the overall health of your trees or mulching services in Hawthorn east for gardening and landscaping applications, our network of trusted contractors can get the job done to your satisfaction.

Our Services

Our tree specialist in Hawthorn east offers free health and hazard assessments to assess the condition of your trees and determine what work needs to be done. Using specialised tools and techniques, we can then carry out a wide range of services, including:

  • Tree Removal – We offer safe and efficient tree removal in Hawthorn east and stump removal in Hawthorn east, eliminating dangers or obstacles and any invasive pests in the process.
  • Tree Pruning – We can remove dead and diseased materials from a tree, encouraging new growth and improving its overall health.
  • Tree Hedging – We use the best arboriculture techniques to maintain and care for hedges of all shapes and sizes, removing deadwood to preserve health well into the future.
  • Tree Bracing – We can strengthen weakened trees using non-invasive cables to ensure the weight is correctly distributed, fortifying the tree and stopping branches from falling.
  • Tree Chipping – We can turn unwanted excess trees into recyclable, eco-friendly mulch that’s useful for gardening and landscaping purposes.

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    In addition, we use smaller equipment for garden maintenance that requires accessing trees in smaller and harder-to-reach areas. Other services we offer include habitat creation and restoration, possum guarding and clearance, and storm damage tree repair or removal.

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    MD Tree Work is a trusted choice for reliable and affordable tree services and garden maintenance in Hawthorn east. Have a chat with us today by calling 0434 542 665 or submitting an enquiry online.

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