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To maintain the health of your trees, tree trimming is vital. We can ensure that every tree on your St Kilda property receives the best care possible. Having your trees professionally pruned is highly recommended, helping improve their growth and overall aesthetic. Our experienced arborists can get the job done with ease.

We take on small trees, large trees, and trees of all kinds, delivering a professional job every time. Priding ourselves on our skill and commitment, we aim to deliver excellent service for our clients in St Kilda every time.

We’ve received widespread recognition for our tree pruning and are known throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne as the team you can trust with your trees. Your local council may have specific regulations when it comes to the placement and appearance of your trees.

We make sure that your landscaping meets all requirements, work according to the Australian Pruning Standards and ensure there is no damage to the tree or surrounding environment during our work.

Safety and quality are our two main priorities. If you need your trees tidied up in St Kilda, make sure you go with the specialists! We offer a free consultation where we review the state of your tree and recommend the best solution.

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    Why Prune My Trees?

    Pruning is an essential part of tree maintenance. Removing dead and dying branches/foliage means that the tree will divert more nutrients to the parts of the tree that matter most, allowing it to flourish. Overall, you will want to prune your tree to:

    • Reduce the risk of falling branches threatening safety and property
    • Evenly balance the tree, preventing structural damage that necessitates tree removal
    • Remove branches that are blocking light
    • Prevent infestation of pests, insects and disease

    Our team will be able to provide efficient and effective pruning that will have your trees looking their best. We have the right equipment to handle any tree and will complete the job to the highest standard.

    Residential and Commercial Tree Services

    We offer our tree trimming services for both residential and commercial clients in St Kilda. Whether you have a small garden behind your house or a large outdoor area in need of care, our experts will be able to tidy your trees and the surrounding space, ensuring your property is just as clean as before (or cleaner!). Our arborists are fully trained and insured for your peace of mind. We know how to deal with a number of tree types in a safe and efficient manner. If you need a tree expert for your St Kilda home or business, make sure you go with the best!

    Garden Specialty Pruning

    Some trees may be difficult to prune due to their location. Gardens and smaller spaces can be difficult to access, which is why many arborists struggle to get the job done. At MD Treework, we offer tree services for all those hard-to-reach areas on your property. With our smaller trimming equipment and specialised techniques, we are able to carry out your tree trimming with ease, ensuring they are as healthy and happy as can be. We can get rid of all those excess and problematic branches, delivering a quality finish you won’t get anywhere else. To find out more about our speciality tree services, feel free to reach out to our team. We offer a free, no-obligation tree health and hazard assessment.

    Your One-Stop-Shop for Tree Care Services

    To ensure that your trees are always well taken care of, we provide comprehensive tree services for residential and commercial clients. With our friendly team of expert arborists, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. We have services for every part of your tree’s lifespan, from maintenance to tree removal. We offer:

    • Hedge trimming
    • Tree lopping
    • Tree hedging
    • Tree bracing
    • Tree chipping/mulching
    • Tree removal services (tree and stump removal)
    • Stump grinding and mulching
    • Habitat creation
    • And more tree services!

    Many tree removal services will simply fell a large tree, leaving behind a stump that will cause problems down the line. With our stump removal expertise, we can guarantee effective tree and stump removal that will leave your land looking great. When it comes to tree removal, St Kilda clients can trust that we will deliver the quality service they deserve.

    Looking for the best tree services, including tree removal? St Kilda residents can count on us for reliable work at a great price!

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