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Professional Tree Pruning in Melbourne

Pruning services are a must for tree maintenance in order to preserve health and appearance. Dead or dying tree branches not only leach nutrients from the healthier parts of the tree, but can also become a severe hazard on your property. Property damage resulting from a branch or tree falling is incredibly common in Melbourne, meaning it’s best to take a more proactive approach. At MD Tree Work, our certified tree pruners can provide a professional tree pruning service that keeps your trees healthy and beautiful.

Ensure the Future Health of Your Trees

What is pruning tree and what does it accomplish? For one, it aims to ensure future health while enhancing shape and beauty in the process. This usually involves removing any dead, diseased or loose branches that are compromising the integrity of the tree. Our tree trimmer makes use of the latest equipment and techniques to get the job done safely and efficiently. In addition, we always prune a tree in accordance with local council regulations and Australian Pruning Guidelines for the best results. You can rely on us to tackle any tree anywhere no matter the size.

Why Prune My Trees?

There are many reasons why you’ll want to arrange a tree trimming service on a regular basis. For instance, dead wood can attract pests which infect the rest of the tree and cause irreversible harm along with exposing your property to them as well. Our tree pruning in the eastern suburbs can also help:

  • Eliminate the risk of falling limbs
  • Keep trees healthy and correctly shaped
  • Boost flower and fruit production
  • Keep yourself, your loved ones and your community safe

As tree lovers, we want what’s best for your trees. We’ll carry out tree pruning in Melbourne in a professional manner, completing the job safely and swiftly without disrupting you or the surrounding ecosystem. When we’re done, we’ll make sure to fully clean the area and dispose of any green waste, leaving you with beautiful trees and a spotless space.

What Types of Pruning Are There?

Tree pruning, tree shaping and tree lopping services encapsulate a range of tree care practices, including:

  • Crown lifting (removing the lower branches)
  • Crown thinning (increasing light and air permeation)
  • Crown reduction (reducing the overall size, an alternative to the tree removal process)
  • Weight reduction (reducing the width of the crown)
  • Selective pruning (having certain branches of the tree removed)
  • Clearance pruning (ensuring branches are clear of obstacles such as houses or neighbouring properties as an alternative to tree removal)
  • Formative pruning (ensuring a strong structure and shape to prevent issues down the line)
  • Remedial pruning (removing any weak or damaged elements to ensure future growth)
  • Dead wooding (removing all dead or dying branches)

How Much is Tree Pruning?

The cost of pruning, trimming and lopping trees varies depending on the type of tree and its size. The larger the tree and the more work that needs doing, the more expensive the job will likely be. Additional charges will be added on if you require possum guarding and clearance pruning to prevent animals from accessing the tree or tree bracing to strengthen a weakened tree.

Specialised Tree Pruning

We specialise in pruning fruit trees and other tree types in narrow, remote areas and gardens. With tools and techniques tailored to smaller spaces, we can go where other arborists can’t and provide great services for even the most tricky and hard-to-access trees. We offer pruning for trees overhanging homes, neighbouring properties, fences, power lines and trees obscured by any obstacle.

Commercial Tree Pruning Services

Apart from our residential pruning services, we also take care of tree pruning for businesses across Melbourne. Our arborists are fully capable of inspecting your trees to ensure they’re as healthy and neat as can be. We have public liability cover of up to $10 million, allowing us to take on any job. Perfectionism is our ethos – we ensure that all pruning work is completed to the highest standard.

Palm Tree Pruning

Palm trees are a little more particular when it comes to pruning. To maintain that tropical glow, the trunk needs to be carefully stripped and cleaned, and the fronds must be properly pruned. While this is quite simple for an expert, the average homeowner won’t know how much bark needs to go. Removing too much can have devastating consequences, damaging or even killing the tree. Our experts know exactly what it takes to maintain healthy trees, delivering the best results every time.

Tree Trimming Services

Regularly trimming trees is essential to maintain that nice, neat look. While tree pruning and tree lopping in Melbourne is all about removing dead and diseased branches for the health of the tree, tree trimming is more about maintaining the aesthetic. With precision tools and keen eyes, our tree specialists will deliver a quality service and a flawless finish.

Professional Arborist Services

At MD Tree Work, we proudly offer full-service solutions for all your tree troubles. Our qualified arborists oversee tree care for Melbourne residents and business owners who can trust that we’ve got them covered for all parts of a tree’s care needs. As a comprehensive tree service company, we can also assist you with the following::

  • Tree cabling services
  • Complete tree removal services (including tree stump removal service)
  • Tree chipping service (with free mulch)
  • And more!

We’ve become known in the tree industry and across Melbourne for our quality work. Whether you need a possum tree collar or a fruit tree pruning service in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

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