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Garden Maintenance in Melbourne

Are you looking to maintain the health and appearance of your garden? MD Tree Work can help you get started with top quality home gardening services in Melbourne. We’ve got the necessary skills and experience to achieve amazing results and get your garden looking its best. Whether you want us to prune trees to encourage new growth, install tree cabling and bracing to strengthen weakened trees, or install possum guards to stop critters from accessing at-risk trees, we can provide the professional assistance you need.

How We Can Help

Our garden maintenance jobs are carried out by professional arborists who are well-equipped and know exactly what they’re doing. Our team can assist you with the following:

  • Garden Tree Pruning – Gardens tend to be smaller areas in which trees are harder to access for pruning and trimming. We have specialised training and equipment to provide a garden trimming service for all types of garden trees, including fruit trees and more. You can rely on our tree trimming in Melbourne to improve and maximise the health of your garden trees.
  • Tree Hedging – Our residential hedge trimming services can keep your hedging healthy and attractive for years to come by removing deadwood and using various arboricultural techniques befitting the shape and size of the hedge.
  • Tree Bracing – When the overall structure of a tree becomes weak due to age and/or the forces of nature, it can be strengthened with a bracing system. We’re fully capable of installing non-invasive cables to fortify trees.

We can also create, install and restore habitats for residential and commercial clients. Our habitat creation and habitat installation services encompass habitat stem removals, providing excellent opportunities for creating new ecosystems for native wildlife and protecting our natural world. In addition, we offer dead tree habitat prune and removal services for a healthier environment. You can also trust us to deliver possum guarding and clearance pruning solutions that are safe and humane.

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MD Tree Work is a leading provider of Melbourne eastern suburbs garden maintenance. If you want to find out more about what we can do and how we can help, contact us today! We’ll happily provide you with a free quote and do our best to answer any questions you might have.


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