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A well-kept hedge can add privacy and value to any property. A source of pride for many homeowners, neat hedges are the envy of all your neighbours and give your house that special final touch. On the other hand, overgrown or poorly shaped hedges put people off and detract from even the best homes.

But who has the time for trimming hedges? And how can you make sure that you make the right cuts?

Having your hedges maintained by a professional on a regular basis ensures proper growth and brings out your trees’ natural beauty. Our hedge trimmers have developed a reputation for excellence across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for delivering immaculate foliage.

We trim all types of garden hedges: bushes, shrubs, small trees, and a range of plants. No hedge is too big or overgrown – we have the team and tools to handle any job that comes our way.

Need your hedges trimmed? Make sure you go with our Melbourne tree experts!

When is The Best Time for Hedge Trimming?

After they are planted, formative pruning is vital to establish a hedge’s shape and structure. For deciduous hedges, this is generally done after planting and regularly during the first two years of establishment. For evergreens, the first pruning should be done in the spring after planting and then throughout the first two years of establishment. During this time, regular clipping may be needed to remove any stray foliage and promote new growth.

Maintenance trimming for hedges will depend on the type of tree, plant or shrub you use. You’ll want to trim deciduous hedges twice a year: once after spring and again in early autumn. Evergreen hedges will only need pruning once in the summer. Lilly pilly, a common hedge in Australia, should be trimmed towards the end of winter or the beginning of spring to maintain their health.

When in doubt, it is always best to consult an expert. Our team of hedge trimmers will be happy to help you devise a trimming schedule based on your specific hedge species and your desired outcome.

Commercial Hedge Trimming Services

Not only do we offer residential hedge trimming services, but we also help business owners and organisations present their best selves. When it comes to your public image, the small details – like the maintenance of your hedges – count. This means that regular pruning and trimming is essential to keep your facilities looking their best.

Our professional hedge trimmers are here to help you achieve your perfect landscape, ensuring that there are no twigs or branches out of place.

Melbourne’s Tree Health Specialists

We’re more than just your average gardeners – we specialise in tree health and know what it takes to get your garden to grow. Our qualified arborists are here to help with all of your hedges and other trees, ensuring your outdoor areas have everything they need to flourish.

Our services include:

  • Tree pruning and health preservation
  • Specialist garden pruning
  • Tree bracing
  • Tree removal (including stump removal)
  • And more!

Your Trusted Hedge Trimming Team

Got an overgrown hedge on your hands? Leave it to us!

Hedge maintenance can be incredibly tricky due to the level of precision and care required. If you don’t have the right expertise or equipment, it’s nearly impossible to get the results you want – not to mention that in the wrong hands, a hedge trimmer can be dangerous.

With our years of experience in tree care, we know exactly how to rescue shabby trees or shrubs and maintain their overall health. We assess the condition of your trees and work out the best way to create a hedge that you will love. We are fully insured for your peace of mind and will complete your tree hedging in the quoted time frame.

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