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Expert Tree Cabling and Bracing

Looking to strengthen weak branches and trees? Our tree cabling and bracing service is just what you need.

Cabling is a proactive approach that, in tandem with a good pruning, will lengthen the life of your tree and ensure that there is no risk to people or property. Our unique design works to support the tree without restricting its growth so that it may continue to thrive long into the future. We have experience designing cabling systems for a range of trees, meaning we can adapt to your specific needs.

If you’re looking to avoid tree removal and minimise the risks associated with trees on your property, make sure you consult a qualified arborist from our team.

Got at-risk trees on your property? We can design a specialised tree cable system. Get in touch today for your free, no-obligation tree health and hazard assessment!

Prevent Tree Failure & Collapse

To support structurally weak trees, you need a quality tree cable bracing system. Our team is here to help and ensure your trees have everything they need to live a long and healthy life.

The predominant cause of major structural failure is co-dominant stems – that is, when at least two branches split from a singular junction. This structure is inherently unsound, with heavy foliage, severe weather or insect infestation pushing the tree past its breaking point. Pruning and lopping can help keep the weight manageable, but you need a permanent solution if you want to maintain your tree’s lifespan.

As tree health experts, we inspect your tree and identify any potential risks, creating a tailored tree cable bracing system that will stay strong for years to come. We’ve designed countless tree support systems for clients in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, allowing us to refine our skills and tackle any job that comes our way.

Why Cable Trees?

Over time, a weak tree can be brought down by storms, high winds, and even the weight of its own foliage and branches. To ensure it can stand a chance, a specially designed tree support system is a must.

Traditionally, cable bracing was performed by drilling steel pylons into a tree or tunneling cables. Today, there are many options available, meaning that you can find a tree cable system that effectively mimics a tree’s natural growth while giving it the ability to support its own weight.

Our tree cabling and bracing services are designed to encourage natural growth, allowing branches to bend and move as needed.

Curious about our tree cabling process? Feel free to reach out to our team!

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We offer a range of tree services in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, including pruning, tree health maintenance, tree bracing and cabling, tree removal and more.

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